Company Services


 Company Services

Muqrin Abdullah Hamoud Al Harbi Contracting Establishment was established in 1430 AH in the field of renting equipment, supplies and transport, and due to the Saudi market needs for institutions with high efficiency in the field of construction, road works and electromechanical works.

Survey works

Execution of all survey works of all types and works of facilities detection and preparation of maps to maintain the infrastructure and the strategy is set and objectives of the office in the work of a commitment to accuracy and quality control and speed of performance and excellence and customer satisfaction. Accordingly, the office has specialized engineers with experience, skill and high efficiency in this field, as well as devices, equipment, surveying programs and facilities detection devices at the highest level in modern technology.

Road works

Muqrin Abdullah Al Harbi Contracting Establishment is renowned for its excellence in the field of all asphalt works, assisted by the presence of a transport fleet, equipment and tools. The company is characterized by a team with a high efficiency in the design and implementation of all work, including road works, asphalt and paving.

Construction work

We specialize in the provision of buildings services of various types, whether health, educational or residential buildings where different services provide an outstanding accuracy and efficiency in the implementation of construction work and distinctive facades, whether for hotels or hospitals. Depends on a range of modern methods and equipment

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